Current Semester:

  • Lecture "Funktionentheorie" SS 2017. Standard lecture in complex analysis for Bachelor. Topics are complex differentiability, contour integration, Cauchy integral formula, power series expansion, outlook on Riemann surfaces.

Suitable Topics for Student Projects:

  • Work out explicitely the Nichols algebras for A4 (rank 1) and then for the rack T (rank 2).
  • Work out and decompose the Deligne-Lusztig characters (both ways) for the groups PSL2(4)=PSL2(5)=A5
  • Determine new liftings for certain Nichols algebras from known diagonal liftings, and hence some new pointed Hopf algebras.
  • (*) Attempt the techniques by Heckenberger/Vendramin to determine (and maybe classify) finite-dimensional Nichols algebra over rank 2 racks  (instead of groups)
  • (*) Work out an example of a logarithmic conformal quantum field theory of rank 2 using screening charges.