About Me
A participant of the winterschool 2008 at a step of proof for the distribution of primes in arithmetic series' (Dirichlet).

I grew up in Rosenheim (Bavaria) and earned by diploma and PhD in Mathematics at the LMU Munich. Afterwards I worked as a postdoc in Hamburg with Prof. Schweigert and in Moscow with Prof. Feigin and Prof. Semikhatov. Starting fall 2016 I am appointed Junior-Professor at the University of Hamburg (CV & Publication List).

Since childhood I felt attracted to Mathematics and Physics and I was interested in solving mathematical problems. Today I'm especially interested in the beautiful structural results in algebra and theoretical physics, that seem to get more conceptual the deeper they get. But I also enjoy the independent working style, the durability of mathematical theorems and still the solving of hard problems. During my study I have specialized in the Classification of pointed Hopf algebras and Nichols algebras and the construction and structure theory of Logarithmic conformal quantum field theories: A brief introduction for non-experts as well as a detailed account to my work can be found on the subpage Research. For these topics, I also early committed to university Teaching. Another field of interest is to convey mathematics to schools students, see Didactics.

In the years 2011-2013 I had also a major focus on our newfounded company PerfectPattern GmbH, which is a spin-off of the LMU Munich. It optimizes computerized certain production processes using ideas from statistical physics. I was also active in the respective research group LMU-Forschungsgruppe.

Online I willingly belong to the endangered speciens not present in facebook, but I'm  committed to Wikipedia Wikipedia (profil) and MathOverflow (profil) and support the open-source movement.

Outside of mathematics I enjoy programming, music and alpine climbing. Last but not least, in october 2010 my first son Jonathan was born. Here you find a genealogical tree online (German).